Dr Paul Daly

Dr. Paul DalyBCL, LLM (Cork) LLM (Penn.) PhD (Cantab.), University Senior Lecturer in Public Law; Derek Bowett Fellow in Law, Queens' College
I am the Derek Bowett Fellow in Law at Queens'. Sir Derek was a renowned public international lawyer (and former President of the College) who was held in high esteem by practitioners and academics around the world. For the College, I supervise students in the Law Tripos: Torts (Part 1A) and Administrative Law (Part 2). In Torts we cover the law relating to harm caused to others. Administrative Law concerns judicial control of public administration.
For applicants
Students interested in law can usefully begin these days on the Internet. There are many legal academics on social media (especially Twitter) and some of them produce well-written blogs. My colleague, Professor Mark Elliott, has collected very useful links: https://publiclawforeveryone.com/2016/08/31/new-law-student-who-to-follow-on-twitter-and-which-blogs-to-read/
My primary research interest is in public law (especially administrative law). I have produced award-winning scholarship that has appeared in leading academic journals and edited collections and that has been frequently cited by courts, most notably the Supreme Court of Canada and the Irish Supreme Court. I am also interested in other aspects of the common law, especially judicial reasoning and methodology, which illuminates my work on public law and has led to publications on liability of state authorities and good faith in contract law. I encourage students to consult my website www.administrativelawmatters.com - where they will find a full list of my publications (with links to publicly available copies) and my renowned blog - and my Twitter feed @pauldalyesq
Administrative Law Public Law (Seminar) Legislation
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  • Derek Bowett Fellow in Law, Queens' College
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