Dr Pau Formosa-Jordan

B.Sc. Physics, University of Barcelona; M.Sc. Biophysics, University of Barcelona; PhD, Physics, University of Barcelona

I joined Queens’ College in October 2014. Since October 2016 I have been honoured to be the Queens’ Postdoctoral Research Convenor. As Convenor I support the Queens’ PDRAs by, for example, representing the Queens' postdoctoral community in the Colleges’ Postdoc Network, and helping PDRAs integrate into College life. Lately, I have been co-organising the MCR-SCR talks. Being at Queens’ has also given me the opportunity to supervise Mathematical Biology Part II.


In my current research at the Sainsbury Laboratory, I study different aspects of cell signalling and patterning at the tissue, cellular and subcellular levels. To do so, I am using combined theoretical and experimental approaches involving mathematical modelling and time lapse microscopy of fluorescent markers in plant tissues and in cell cultures.


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Sainsbury Laboratory

01223 761 100
  • Queens' Postdoctoral Convenor