Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis

Dr Emmanuel StamatakisDepartment of Medicine; Behavioural and Clinical Neurosciences Institute and Division of Anaesthesia

I am the Stephen Erskine Fellow at Queens'.


My research aims to decode complex relationships between remote and/or proximal brain regions, which form networks at rest or during goal directed behaviour. This includes work on network adaptive behaviour (reorganisation/plasticity) triggered by abrupt (e.g. trauma, stroke) or gradual structural changes (e.g. neuropsychiatric/neurodegenerative diseases, ageing), or pharmacological agents. Although I primarily work with task related networks, I am also interested in the significance of resting networks and their relationship with task networks. In this context, my research questions are: Can resting network connectivity in individuals/groups provide insights to their ability to complete certain tasks? What happens to resting network connectivity during goal directed behaviour? How does structural integrity relate to network connectivity and behaviour? How do pharmacological agents modulate network organisation at rest or during tasks?

  • Fellow Commoner
  • Stephen Erskine Fellow