Dr Alessio Zaccone

Dr Alessio Zaccone, MSc (Torino), PhD (ETH Zurich), Swiss National Science Professorship (Zurich). Formerly W2 Professor of Theoretical Physics (Munich). Currently The Anthony L Lyster Fellow in Physics, College Lecturer in Physics. University Lecturer in Chemical Engineering.

I am currently responsible for teaching Physics I and Physics II-Statistical & Thermal Physics.
I currently lead a research group working towards a better understanding of the collective atomic dynamics in crystals, liquids and amorphous solids (e.g. glasses) in an attempt to explain their puzzling macroscopic material properties (e.g. elasticity, mechanical failure, thermal, optical properties). The main tool is a new formulation of lattice dynamics which describes the effects of structural disorder and dissipation on the collective atomic or molecular motions. We are also interested in understanding how colloids and bio-molecules in solution assemble to form aggregates (e.g. filaments), which play an important role in medical applications and also as new building blocks for bio-materials. On a more fundamental side, we are also interested in how statistical mechanics can be generalized to account for departure from thermodynamic equilibrium and for the emergence of friction and dissipation (associated with the arrow of time) from the microscopic degrees of freedom. The main tools here are Caldeira-Leggett models and the projection-operator formalism.
I am a University Lecturer in Chemical Engineering.
  • Official Fellow
  • University Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  • The Anthony L Lyster Fellow in Physics