History & Politics


History and Politics at Cambridge is a relatively new degree which admitted it's first students in October 2017 and has become a very popular option with applicants. It offers subjects from our highly-regarded History and Politics and International Relations courses, together with bespoke papers which allow students to explore the space between the two disciplines. Students develop skills in analysing the operation of power and politics across histories, institutes and societies around the world. Students are also able to build strenghts in understanding the nature of evidence, methodology and approaches in both History and Politics. Across the three years of the degree programme, students are able to choose from a wide range of topics in British, European, American and World history and politics.

Cambridge is uniquely placed to teach History and Politics and International Relations together. Both Faculties aew widely regarded as world-leading. The History Faculty (http://www.hist.cam.ac.uk/) is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and is consistently ranked among the best in research and teaching assessments. It has internationally recognised experts in all relevant fields of study.  The Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) (http://www.polis.cam.ac.uk) is a medium-sized department with about 30 academics with a huge range of specialisms. It has particular research strengths in international politics, international history and international law, comparative politics and political thought.

Staff in the Faculty of History and the Department of Politics and International Studies have a wide range of shared interests in political and international history, the origins of contemporary politics and international relations, and the history of political ideas. This degree balances a strong grounding in the two component subjects with the opportunity to explore the ways in which historical and political understanding together illuminate the modern world.

History and Politics at Queens’

You will be requested to provide two marked essays following your application. Candidates will have two interviews, which will involve questions on Politics and History.

In the first year the college organises classes to help with the transition from school to university and to introduce students to important themes in the humanities and social sciences.

Director of Studies

Dr Gareth Atkins

"The History and Politics joint degree allows you to study two related and highly engaging subjects at the same time, thus giving you a broader perspective on each by revealing new dimensions of the subjects, such as the influence of political thought in history. Queens' is one of the friendliest Cambridge colleges and both the staff and students are extremely kind and helpful."

George, 2nd year, History and Politics


“Being part of the new History and Politics Tripos is extremely exciting. It can seem scary to be part of a new subject, but the support given by staff and fellow students, as well as their enthusiasm, keeps the degree both interesting and fun.”

Olivia, 2nd year, History and Politics