The Offer

Queens' makes offers tailored to your individual needs: we make positive choices about the applicants that we want, rather than letting exam systems make decisions for us.

Many of our candidates are offering A-levels but we are used to dealing with lots of different examinations systems. There are common qualifications which students take. Common international qualifications are also covered on the University webpages.

Suitable Subjects (A2 levels)

As a general rule, for Arts courses Queens' is happy to consider students with different combinations of A-level subjects. For Science courses the choices are less flexible (see individual subject pages).  If you are unsure about your A-level subjects, please check with us before applying, or better still, before making your choices. Guidance on subject choices for sixth form education is available. Where an A2 subject is specified as 'essential', we would normally accept a Higher Level in the IB as being equivalent. Information about course requirements is also on the University webpages.

Level of Offer

  • Typically an offer by Queens' made on A2 levels would normally be A*AA for Arts subjects (although it would normally be A*A*A for Economics) and A*A*A for Science subjects (although it would normally be A*AA for PBS and Veterinary Medicine). 
  • Where a candidate is offering more than three subjects, then we would usually specify the subjects in which we would like the grades to be achieved. 
  • We also usually only make offers on subjects completed in Year 13. 
  • Where a candidate has already completed the equivalent of an A2 in Maths, whether certificated or not, we would normally exclude that from any offer that we may make. 
  • All offers in other exams are based on an equivalent level of achievement.  We would expect candidates offering the IB to achieve a points total of 40-42 (including TOK and EE) with scores of 776 in their Higher Subjects.  We remain committed to making offers on the basis of individual circumstances. 
  • The only subject in which we consistently set conditions based on exams other than A2 is Maths.  Offers for Maths would normally include grades in STEP.  For those candidates taking Further Maths and whose school offers support for STEP, we would usually make an offer of 1, 1 in STEP II and III.