You will probably feel a bit anxious about what to expect and we've tried to cover all the information you'll need.  It's a good idea to re-read your UCAS personal statement before you come to interview so that it's fresh in your mind. 

How do interviews work?

All candidates are seen by at least two Cambridge academics. All in all our interviews are designed to find out what you know, not what you don't. The interviewers want to see how you think on your feet, and where your interests and enthusiasms lie, especially in terms of commitment to the course you are applying for. There are links to some interview videos, including both official University videos, and some by a current Queens' student.

Accommodation and Catering

In 2021 all inetrviews will be conducted online. Accomodation and catering will not be offered in 2021. This section will be updated once decisions are made on how interviews will be conducted in 2022.

How do you prepare for the interview?

There is lots of information on interview videos and on the University's application pages.  Our best advice is to try and relax and enjoy the experience but do re-read your application, especially your personal statement so that it’s fresh in your mind before the interview. Although students will probably choose to dress smartly, we certainly do not expect candidates to wear suits or suchlike especially for the interview. Queens’ wishes to make your experience of interview as pleasant as possible so do let us know if there are any special circumstances of which we ought to be aware.

How do you get to Queens' College?

In 2021, no interviews will involve you travelling to Queens' College. All interviews will either take place at your home or in your school. This section will be updated once decisions are made on how interviews will be conducted in 2022.

Accident or illness

If you are suffering from any illness or injury which may affect your interview, please email the Queens’ Admissions Office as soon as possible at


If you are going to be delayed or have any problems or emergencies during the interviews please email Please do not ring the admissions office as we are currently working remotely.