Application timeline and process

Here is a list of dates and deadlines for the admissions process at Queens' College.


  • Mid July: The COPA opens for non EU applicants and for organ scholarship applications



  • 1 October: Deadline for Medicine applicants to have registered to take the BMAT
  • 15 October (18:00 UK time): Deadline for UCAS application
  • 15 October (18:00 UK time): Registration deadline for all pre-interview assessments except BMAT
  • 19 October (18:00 UK time): COPA deadline for students requesting to be interviewed in Cambridge, Canada, India or Hong Kong
  • 22 October (18:00 UK time): SAQ deadline
  • 22 October: Deadline for Extenuating Circumstances Forms
  • 30 October: Pre-interview assessments taken in schools or assessment centres around the world



  • Early January: Winter Pool. A number of applicants may be called for a further interview at another College
  • 14 January: Decisions emailed and sent in the post