We aim to offer rooms to all commencing, single postgraduate students who apply for college accommodation by the 1st of May each year. This is however dependent upon demand.

Commencing students who have paid their Caution Money by this date will receive an e-mail from the Accommodation Officer inviting them to register and apply on-line. Once the  deadline has passed, accommodation will start to be offered.   Students who receive and accept their offers after the deadline of 1st May should e-mail the Accommodation Officer directly to enquire about the availability of rooms. Please e-mail

In college houses and at Owlstone Croft, students share bathroom and kitchen facilities. Queens' also has a small number of one-bedroom flats suitable for couples. Postgraduate accommodation on the central site is very limited.

71 Maids Causeway and the Panton Street houses are particularly suitable for PhD students as the accommodation licence can be renewed each year (subject to eligibility conditions being met). This renewal of licences means that there is no need to enter the graduate ballot for college accommodation the following year. Please bear in mind if applying for them that you should still give your other preferences as there is a limited number of these rooms. 

There is no college-owned accommodation suitable for families with children and only a few en-suite rooms available for general allocation.

Accommodation typically available to postgraduate students

College-Owned Houses Student Hostel Couples Accommodation
71 Maids Causeway Owlstone Croft Eltisley Avenue
73 Maids Causeway   Marlowe Road
98-100 Norwich Street     Trafalgar Road - Boathouse Flats  
61 Panton Street      
63 Panton Street    
65 Panton Street      
75 Panton Street    
77 Panton Street      

Accommodation occasionally available to postgraduate students

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