Students' views


Victoria is reading Geography. She went to a state school in North London.

Back when I was in Year 12 I attended the Sutton Trust Geography Summer School, which was at Queens'. From speaking with Cambridge students at the summer school and beyond I was told that Queens' is a very friendly and approachable college in a great location, all of which has been very true.



Tomos is reading Engineering. He went to school in North Wales.

I visited Queens’ for the first time on an open day because it was close to the engineering department and applied having been given a great tour. I’ve since realised I could have applied for so many more reasons – punts, squash courts, the food, the best college bar and the friendly atmosphere!



Abi is reading Computer Science. She went to a grammar school in West Yorkshire.

The idea of applying to Oxbridge was first brought to my attention by Queens' outreach work in Bradford. When I later visited the college on an open day, I was pleased to meet lots of friendly people. Queens' as a college in general is wonderful. Accommodation is provided on site for three years which I love because the college is fairly central and yet not overflowing with tourists, and also eliminates the stress of having to find my own accommodation.



Ryan is reading History with MML. He went to a state school in Essex.

I decided to apply to Queens' after some Queens' students visited my school and I had the chance to come and spend a few days experiencing college life. The size, location and friendly atmosphere all made Queens' an obvious choice. Since coming here, I've really appreciated being able to live in such a supportive and accepting community, where I can be myself and make the most out of all the opportunities student life has to offer.



Olivia is reading MML. She went to a state school in Kent.

I chose Queens' because it seemed like the most sociable college! Living on site for three years means we have a really close community, and being so close to the centre of town makes mixing with other colleges easy too. The academic and welfare support here is so good as well, and it's great to be a 5 minute walk from my lectures.



George is reading Maths. He went to a state school in Newcastle.

I really loved the vibe at Queens’ when I visited it for the first time on an open day (and the free ice cream was a bonus!). Having been here for two years, I've come to realise how amazing it is that all three year groups are able to live on site. It gives us a real feeling of community and means it's really easy to make friends with students in other year groups.



Makéda is reading Law. She went to an independent school in Birmingham.

I applied to Queens' as I stayed here for a week when I attended the Cambridge Law Conference in Year 12. The atmosphere was so welcoming immediately and everyone I talked to seemed genuinely excited for me to experience the college. As a result, when I applied to Cambridge I didn't even consider applying anywhere else and I could not be more grateful that I ended up at Queens'. Safe to say, it hasn't disappointed!



Rebekah is reading Biological Natural Sciences. She went to a state school in West Yorkshire.

I chose Queens’ because of the link to my home area of Bradford and the support that the access team gave me in my application. Upon visiting Queens’ I loved the friendly and welcoming environment; it felt like somewhere I would feel at home! I feel like coming here has just confirmed this, I love walking through college and bumping into people I know and I also love meeting new people here too who are all so friendly and helpful. I couldn’t have picked a better college.

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