Students' views


Jessica is reading Theology. She went to a state school in Hertfordshire.

Theology has such a variety of paper options which means that I'm able to take papers relating to other subjects such as philosophy, literature and science. This means I can still learn about other subjects that I find interesting, centralised around religious issues.

I'm on the JCR committee and have been involved in planning events and organising Freshers' Week. I also row and play mixed lacrosse whenever I can.

I absolutely love Queens'; it's such a sociable college with a really inclusive and friendly atmosphere. We have amazing facilities and are 5 minutes walk away from the centre of town and faculty buildings so it's really convenient.

Sher Lin

Sher Lin is reading Law. She went to school in Malaysia.

Most, if not all, of the time, the answer to a Law question depends on how you look at the question and tackle it from different perspectives. It challenges you to think differently and reach a conclusion that others may not be able to. Law is also a subject that evolves with time and this keeps me motivated to always keep up the latest developments.

Cambridge is filled with lots of fun activities to cater for everyone. Besides studies, I look forward to my weekly sports activities, rowing and badminton, as it gives me a good break from my studies.

Queens' is a lovely college with very friendly porters, staff and housekeepers. As the only Malaysian in my year, I find that the students in Queens' get along very well and you feel a strong sense of belonging to this college. Queens' has a great college atmosphere and you would never find yourself feeling lonely here!


Ben is reading History. He went to a state school in Essex.

Studying History at Cambridge is a highly independent and intellectually rewarding experience that Queens' College is well-equipped to support with its fellows, student community and rich library.


Olivia read English. She went to an independent school in London.

Studying English at Queens' is great. The atmosphere is extremely supportive, the supervisions are always engaging and the English social events have been some of the highlights of my time in Cambridge. Queens' puts a particular emphasis on thinking for yourself and discovering where your interests lie, which is such a refreshing change from the structured syllabus of school. Queens' has also made me brave enough to explore subjects I might have been too scared to otherwise; before I started my degree I never thought that I'd be writing my part II dissertation on Medieval poetry, but I so pleased that I did!