Queens' main site accommodation ranges from single bedsits to shared sets (shared study/living room and separate bedrooms) in a variety of buildings dating from the fifteenth to twentieth centuries. The rents vary depending upon facilities available.

Many rooms have shared bathroom facilities but most in the Cripps, Erasmus, and Fisher buildings have private bathrooms. All Queens' main site accommodation apart from the Erasmus building is built on the traditional staircase design. There are lifts in the Cripps building enabling step-free access to most of its rooms.

As well as the accommodation on the main site, Queens' owns some shared houses, a large hostel and purpose built flats for couples within the city. The off-site accommodation is predominantly occupied by postgraduate students although some is available to third and fourth year undergraduates. There is only limited accommodation for couples and no accommodation for students with children although we do have a nursery for pre-school children.

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