Undergraduates Queens' Library

We admit students to Queens’ based on academic potential. Queens’ seeks outstanding applicants from any school or country, regardless of whether there is any previous tradition of applying to Cambridge. The College aims to ensure that no suitably qualified applicant is prevented from making an application because of financial or social concerns.

ALL SUBJECTS are offered at Queens'.

We interview all suitably qualified applicants. Offers are pitched realistically, taking into account each applicant’s individual circumstances.

Open days are held each year and are a great opportunity to find out more about the College, its students, Fellows and facilities. The College is also happy to arrange visits by Fellows and students to schools. You might also want to browse our list of frequently asked questions to find out more about the application process.  If you would like a copy of our prospectus by post, you can request one here.  A student-produced view of the College in the alternative prospectus is here.

"Queens' is lovely, a close community without feeling huge. The old part of College is really beautiful and the new part is comfortable; the closeness of the spaces adds to the intimate feel. Queens' is full of friendly people, and everyone finds someone they have something in common with." Florence, 2nd year English student.

Facebook and Twitter are also ways to find out more about the College and the admissions process.