The John Eatwell Fellowship

The Fellows of Queens’ wish to mark John Eatwell’s distinguished Presidency of the College by raising funds to support a key strategic need.

The President has chosen to endow a full College Fellowship without a subject bias, allowing maximum versatility to apportion teaching where it is most needed within Queens'.

The endowment target for this College Teaching Officer position is £2.5 million by 1st June 2020.

Once endowed, The John Eatwell Fellowship will allow Queens' to fill a teaching position in any subject as necessary.

For example, The John Eatwell Fellow could be a...

Philosophy Fellow for the first two years,
Maths Fellow for the next three years
And an HSPS Fellow the following year.


If members and friends of Queens’ would like to mark Lord Eatwell’s Presidency, he humbly requests that they make donations towards this Fellowship.

Gifts will be recognised in the following ways:

Over £100,000 Invitation to a private dinner with the President in the Lodge.
Over £10,000 Invitation to the Benefactors' Feast on 26th April 2020.
Over £1,000 Invitation to a celebratory dinner on 17th June 2020.
Under £1,000 Invitation to the Garden Party, hosted by the President, on 21st June 2020.

All donors will be listed by name (or anonymously) in the Gifts to Queens’ publication and on the College website.

Please note the minimum donation for this campaign is £100 (net).

Donations can be made through the College website, by telephone (01223 331944) or by return of the John Eatwell Fellowship Donation Form. More information can also be found in the campaign brochure. To make a tax-efficient gift from the USA, please visit the Cambridge in America giving page.


A photograph of John Eatwell.A message from The President:

“I will always treasure the memories of the generations of Queens’ men and women I have met and the marvellous things they achieve in their lives. And, I have seen firsthand the difference your support has made to the lives of our Fellows and students. Queens’ is being transformed by the endowment, so far, of one third of our sixty Fellowships to protect the supervision system, the hallmark of a Cambridge education. The John Eatwell Fellowship will be a unique asset to the College, I’m pleased to say. It will allow Queens’ to respond to the changing academic landscape, meaning the College can remain a centre for brilliant research and teaching.”

From the Senior Tutor:

"John Eatwell has presided over Queens' for two decades. This Fellowship will allow us to recognize John's superb leadership through years of dynamic change within the University and within Queens'. The Fellowship to bear John's name will afford the College invaluable flexibility in attracting the very best University Lecturers to lead and to teach subjects within Queens' where needs appear, often at short notice."

If you require particular information about donating, please contact Ann Cernek or Sam Davis on or 01223 331944.