Queens' Global

The Alumni Office has launched Queens’ Global – a project to develop alumni networks and groups all over the world, helping you to stay better connected with your fellow alumni.

Queens’ College has over 4,000 alumni overseas across 118 countries and more than 9,000 alumni in the UK.If you are interested in learning more about what’s on in your area, please get in touch with the Alumni Office. If you would like to find out more information about local groups, please visit the University Alumni website.

Contact: queensglobal@queens.cam.ac.uk

We have created new Linkedin groups so that you can connect with fellow alumni in your local area. Join our groups, share your stories and keep updated with College news and events. If you would like to set up a group for your area then please contact us.




Recent events

Vienna lunch - 12 May 2022: Hosted by the Development Director
Munich dinner - 11 May 2022: Hosted by the Development Director
Hong Kong Christmas lunch - 9 December 2021
Hong Kong lunch - 29 October 2021
New York City Get-together - 25 September 2021
Berlin reunion event - 14 September 2021
Hong Kong reunion event - 16 July 2021
Hong Kong virtual event - 15 February 2021: Hosted online by the Development Director
South Africa virtual event -21 January 2021

Past events

Tokyo - September 19 2019: Dinner at Trattoria Creatta.
Buenos Aires - August 8 2019: Evening drinks at The British Embasador's Residence
New Zealand - July 2019: Evening drinks at Auckland University of Technology, Four Seasons Restaurant
Johannesburg - July 2019: Luncheon at The Grillhouse (Rosebank)
New Zealand - September 2018: Wellington Reception at the High Commission
Greece - July 2018: Reunion drinks, (coinciding with the Choir tour)
Tokyo - June 2018:  Inaugural networking drinks 
Paris - February 2019
Hong Kong Law dinner - January 2019
Wellington, NZ - September 2019
Edinburgh - February 2018: Reunion drinks
Cape Town dinner - October 2017
Shanghai - September 2017
Beijing - September 2017
Johannesburg lunch - June 2017
Durban Dinner - June 2017
Hong Kong event - April 2017
Shanghai event - April 2017
Chicago event - November 2016 
Brisbane event - November 2016
Geneva event - March 2015

A map of previous Queens' Global events.