Alumni FAQs

Replacement degree transcripts and certificates

Q. How can I get a transcript or certificate of my degree?
A. The University’s Student Registry produces all degree transcripts and certificates for full-time Cambridge degrees and you can order online. Please see the Student Registry's degree certificates and transcripts webpage for further information. Please contact the Tutorial Office for College-specific enquiries.
Q.How do I request an Academic Reference from Queens’?
A. If you require evidence that you have studied at Queens’, or another form of academic reference, please contact the Tutorial Office:
Q.How do I register for my MA graduation? This event is run by the Tutorial Office.
A.Further information on Degree Congregations, details of how to register, future degree and congregation dates can be found on our graduation webpages.

Visiting the College

Q.I'm a Queens' alumnus/a. Can I visit the College?
A. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Queens' is currently closed to visitors. Ordinarily, alumni are most welcome to visit College at any time (including the exam period). Please make yourself known to the Porters who will ring the Development Office, where you are welcome to visit in office hours. Alumni can enter the College along with two guests at no charge; other guests will be charged entry and will have to go via the Queens' Lane entrance. Children of alumni can enter with parents at no charge. Further information can be found on our visiting webpages.


Q. I am visiting Cambridge and would like to stay at Queens’. How do I book a room in college?
A. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Queens' is currently closed to visitors. Ordinarily, accommodation can only be booked by contacting the Accommodation Officer, Donna Pullen,  on +44 (0) 1223 768524 or at

Alumni email address

Q.How can I register for my alumni email address?
A.You can apply for an alumni email account via the University of Cambridge alumni website.

Alumni CAMCard

Q.How do I apply for a University CAMCard?
A.The CAMCard is issued free to all alumni who have matriculated and studied at Cambridge. It provides complimentary entry to King’s College Chapel as well as most of the other colleges, along with a range of discounts at Cambridge hotels and select retailers. A CAMCard can be requested from the University of Cambridge. You do not need a CAMCard for entry into Queens' but make yourself known to the Porters.


Q.Can I park in College?
A.The College is currently closed to all visitors. It should be noted that parking is not possible at College for reasons of environment and space. However, if you have a Blue Badge for disabilities to display or a specific meeting with a Fellow or staff member, parking is sometimes possible. It is by permit only. Please contact the Alumni Office or the Porters at or on 01223 335500 to check availability.


Q.How do I book a College punt?
A.When the College re-opens to visitors, alumni can book a punt by contacting the Porters’ Lodge on +44 (0) 1223 335500 or at Punts must be booked and there is a charge for alumni. Charges also pertain to students and Fellows.

Alumni Online

Q.How can I connect with other Queens' alumni?
A.Queens’ Alumni Office works to keep alumni connected via LinkedIn. Please join us! Queens' also has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, run by the Alumni & Development Office.

Updating your contact details

Q.I have changed my address/email/mobile number/job. How do I update my details?
A.Please complete the online form.

Events and reunions

Q.How can I organise an event at Queens'?
A.Please contact our Events Team at to discuss your requirements. Further information can be found on the conferencing website.

Graduation photos

Q.Where can I purchase a copy of my graduation photo?
Tempest Photography is the official photographer for your award ceremony. Please contact them to order your photos.