The Henry St John Hart Fund

Remembering the Revd Henry St John Hart and

supporting Queens' Theological & Religious Studies students

The Revd Henry St John Hart was a Fellow of Queens’ for 68 years – the longest service in the College’s history. He joined Queens’ as a Research Fellow in 1936 and served variously as Chaplain, Dean, Hebrew Lecturer, Director of Studies in Divinity & Oriental Languages, Tutor, Librarian, Garden Steward, Dean of College and Vice-President. He was a Life Fellow from 1979 until his death in 2004.

Henry is remembered fondly by generations of Queens’ members for the care he took over their education and welfare, for his reading groups, the D Society, hand-drawn cards, long walks and cycling expeditions. Both he and his wife, Gillian, were great hosts to members of Queens’ and great benefactors of the College. 

Establishing this Theological & Religious Studies Fund in perpetuity will preserve Henry’s name in College, support future generations of students and help to promote and strengthen the subject at Queens’. It will enrich provision for undergraduates and postgraduates by assisting them in a variety of areas, including:

  • books and dissertation expenses
  • research projects
  • inviting outside speakers to lecture
  • internships and placements
  • study–or subject–related travel

An endowment of £100,000 will produce an annual amount for the Director of Studies (currently Professor Richard Rex, The Polkinghorne Fellow in Theology) to support their students. A total of £103,000 will complete the endowment and provide a £3,000 cash spend to use this academic year. 

We aim to endow the Fund in the 2020/21 academic year to establish Theological & Religious Studies on an equal footing with other endowed subjects (Diggle in Classics, Patterson in English, etc.).

To contribute to this Fund, please consider donating online or downloading our donation form

For further information about making a gift towards The Henry St John Hart Fund in Theological & Religious Studies, please write to


  • As of 16 Sept. 2019, donors who make a contribution of at least £100 will be invited to a special dinner to mark the completion of the fundraising. 
  • Donors who give £10,000 or more will be invited to the Commemoration & Ceremony of Benefactors and Feast for the three years following their gift.
  • Donor names will be published in the annual Gifts List, both on in print and online. Please let the Development Office know if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Gifts from first-time donors, donors whose last gift to Queens’ was before 31 July 2018, and those who qualified for the Harding Challenge between August 2019 and August 2020, are eligible to unlock funding from the Harding Challenge.