The Haszeldine Fund in Chemistry

Remembering Professor Robert Haszeldine and supporting Queens' Chemistry students

It is the College’s aim to endow The Haszeldine Fund in Chemistry. This new subject fund will commemorate one of Queens’ most notable chemists and Honorary Fellows, Professor Robert Haszeldine.

Establishing this Fund in perpetuity will support future generations of Queens’ chemists through enriching provision for undergraduates and postgraduates by assisting them in a variety of areas.  These will include:

  • Academic related travel
  • Books, equipment and dissertation expenses
  • Research projects
  • Chemistry events
  • Internships
  • The Queens’ College Chemistry Society

We aim to endow the Fund to secure Chemistry’s place at the heart of the College’s offering and to establish it on an equal footing with other endowed subjects such as Architecture, Economics, English, Law and Classics.

Thanks to a generous legacy from Professor Haszeldine, Queens’ secured the first £50,000 needed for a total endowment of £100,000. Support from several other Queens’ members has brought the total up to just above £90,000. A further £13,000 is needed to complete the Fund endowment and provide a £3,000 cash spend for this academic year. 

This ring-fenced sum in the College’s endowment will provide an annual return of about £3,000. It will be disbursed to Chemistry students by the Director of Studies in Chemistry, Dr Howard Jones, and the Senior Tutor.

Please consider making a gift on our website or through our downloadable donation form

Professor Robert Haszeldine (1925-2016)

Professor Haszeldine was a Fellow of Queens’ (1954-57), Assistant Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (1956-57) and Honorary Fellow (1976-2016). A talented chemist, he enjoyed a stellar career at Queens’, UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), first as Professor of Chemistry then as Principal from 1976, and many other institutions. This included stints as a visiting lecturer across Europe, Israel, the USA, South America, China, Japan, and Russia.

According to the Royal Society, “during his career he made significant contributions to several branches of both organic and inorganic chemistry.” He is especially renowned for his work in the field of fluorine chemistry. His research has been characterised as boasting “outstanding experimental skill and originality.”

Notes on making a gift:

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  • Donor names will be published in the annual Gifts List, both on in print and online. Please let the Development Office know if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Donors who give £10,000 or more will be invited to the Commemoration & Ceremony of Benefactors and Feast for the three years following their gift.       
  • Gifts from US taxpayers are normally given to Queens’ through Cambridge in America:
  • All gifts towards The Haszeldine Fund in Chemistry will count towards the currentCollegiate Cambridge Student Support Initiative campaign All The Best. Gifts from first time donors will qualify to unlock funding from The Harding Challenge.

Photo: Credit Godfrey Argent Studio through the Royal Society