Dining Privileges

Dining Rights

Queens’ alumni who have received an MA, MPhil or higher degree and are not currently registered as a candidate for any Cambridge Degree with Queens' are entitled to several benefits, including the opportunity to dine on High Table. Alumni are invited to one designated High Table Dinner during each full term at College expense, when Fellows are also dining.

Please note, this is a privilege only for Queens' members, so members are not able to invite guests.

Places must be booked through the Alumni & Development Office, at least one week in advance.

Alumni are invited to attend Choral Evensong in the College Chapel before Dinner. Wednesday Evensong is from 6.15pm-6.45pm.

Alternatively, alumni may proceed straight to the SCR for sherry at 7.20pm followed by dinner at 7.30pm. After dinner, alumni are welcome to return to the SCR. It is tradition to leave the SCR before Fellows at the end of the evening (around 9.45pm).

Alumni High Table dining dates

Please complete the booking form with your chosen date.


Wednesday 6th November 2019


Wednesday 4th March 2020


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Qualifying for High Table dining

To qualify for High Table dining, you must:

  • once have been a student of Queens' College registered as a candidate for any Degree, postgraduate Diploma or postgraduate Certificate of the University of Cambridge;
  • not currently be a student of Queens' College;
  • have graduated with one or more of these qualifications of the University of Cambridge: any Doctor's degree, any Master's degree (except Master's degrees integrated into an undergraduate programme of study), Bachelor of Divinity (but no other Bachelor's degree), any postgraduate Diploma, any postgraduate Certificate.

Please note the following:

  • Graduates of BA degrees do not qualify for High Table dining until they have received their MA degree;
  • Alumni of Queens' who have graduated from a Master's or Doctor's degree immediately qualify.

Registering for High Table

The High Table Booking form should be completed and returned to us at least one week ahead of your chosen date.  Please return your form to the Alumni & Development Office.

Dress code

Queens' Members are required to wear Academic dress in the SCR and at High Table. A gown may be hired or purchased from Ryder and Amies or Ede and Ravenscroft in Cambridge.