Queens' Green Week

We are excited to announce the first ever Queens’ Green Week! 

What is Green Week:

Queens’ Green Week is a week dedicated to the environment and climate change. We’re all aware of the huge challenge posed by climate change - but this week we want to put action and optimism at the forefront, looking at the solutions we can find as a college. We’ve got all sorts of things planned, from workshops to competitions, speakers to quizzes.

 We hope it’ll give you a chance to: 

  • Learn more about the environment, and what can be done to protect it

  • Discover new and creative ways in which we can, as a College and as individuals, contribute to climate action 

  • Share ideas with others, and connect with other Queens’ students from the JCR and MCR and wider college community 

When is it

22nd - 28th March 2021 - save the date! There will be a variety of different events throughout the week, as well as lots of green-related info on social media. Schedule to follow! 

What are we focussing on

Earlier this year, we asked you what you’d most like to hear about at Queens’ Green Week. Based on your feedback, some our main focuses for Green Week 2021 will be: 

  • Climate policy 

  • Climate justice, ethics and action

  • Individual actions and ethical banking 

We have organised a range of events around these themes which we hope you will find both informative and entertaining.

Who is organising

Green Week has been created by a group of undergraduate and postgraduate students, studying everything from classics to engineering. We’ve all got together to promote environmental issues and solutions at Queens’. Please get in touch with us via an email to Alice at aeeh2@cam.ac.uk if you’ve got any questions/suggestions!


To join all of our events please use the link below:


Meeting ID: 972 6365 8537

Passcode: 879770

Queens’ Climate Talks

The Queens' Climate Talks will showcase the work going on in college towards tackling and mitigating against the climate crisis. Come along and get inspired!

Our speakers are:

Rob Glew: Challenges and Solutions to Green Humanitarian Logistics

Tomos Wood: Emissions of Wind Turbines

Timothy Butterfield: Decarbonising the UK Construction Industry

Evan Wroe: Biophotovoltaics & living solar panels

What’s so bad about Barclays? Your money, climate change and ethical banking

Does who you bank with really make a difference to the climate? And what were those Barclays protests all about? At this event we’ll be discussing the role of the financial industry in the climate crisis, and what happens to your money when you put it in the bank. We’ll then talk about the emergence of ethical banks, how they differ from traditional banks, and explain some options for your money if you want to switch.

Climate Policy Jargonbuster

Do you feel left behind in the conversation on climate? Does the list of new environmental acronyms seem endless? Tune in for a crash course in the climate crisis! We’ve lined up an amazing panel of speakers to demystify the latest developments in policy and how it can be used to slow and reverse the impacts of climate change.

Our panelists are:

Natalie Jones is a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, with a background in international law and climate policy.

Natelie will Jargon Bust Global Inequality & Climate Policy

Amy Wilson is a PhD Candidate at Imperial College London in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a member of the ClimaTalk COP26 Team (a youth-led initiative for global climate action). 

Amy will Jargon Bust COP & IPCC

Sarah Nelson’s research investigates the technological and social viability of proposed pathways to net zero using political economy theory, economic modelling and quantitative and qualitative policy analysis.

Sarah will Jargon Bust UK climate act & Net zero

Valeria Raffuzzi is a 2nd year PhD student in Nuclear Engineering. Her background is in Energy Engineering and she is passionate about the environment and the role of clean energy. This made her a firm believer in the need for education to support informed energy policy.

Valeria will Jargon Bust Clean Energy

Queens’ Climate Quiz!

Want to enjoy a fun, relaxing evening AND be in with a chance of winning a plant? Come along to the Queens’ Climate Quiz on Saturday Night (?) for a fun evening of competitive climate kahoot! You don’t need to be studying environmental science to take part: the questions range from climate in pop-culture, to the eco-friendliness of different brands, to David Attenborough! 

Join as part of a team of up to 4 people, or we’ll match you up!


Links to social media and contacts

Our events are being advertised on the JCR and MCR instagram accounts as well as Facebook events created for each of the events.