Environmental Policy & Plan


The Queens' College Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to act decisively on the climate emergency, by mitigating our contribution to the climate emergency and crisis in biodiversity. In practical terms, this means reducing the College’s carbon footprint and waste output and improving biodiversity on the College site. It establishes four goals:

  1. To reduce the College's net overall carbon footprint by 50% from its 2020 level by 2030 and to net zero by 2045.
  2. To manage all activities, buildings and estates to promote environmental sustainability, to conserve and enhance natural resources and to reduce environmental pollution.
  3. To balance the needs of current members and staff against those of the future.
  4. To collect, audit and publish data regarding the College's environmental impact.


To monitor progress towards these goals, the College has developed an Environmental Plan. The plan outlines outlines College activities, projects, operations and change initiatives which will help promote environmental sustainabaility, aiming to highlight progress against the aspirations of our environmental policy and to encourage continual improvement in our environmental performance.

The main goals outlined in the plan are:

  1. Reduce energy consumption, especially of energy derived from fossil fuels, in all College property.
  2. Maximise the proportion of waste that is recycled and minimise the quantity of non-recyclable refuse.
  3. Ensure that improvements, purchases and developments are environmentally sound.
  4. Minimise the use of unsustainable transport by its staff and students.
  5. Minimise consumption of water.
  6. Preserve and promote the characteristic biodiversity of the College for present and future students, visitors and staff.
  7. Ensure that the environmental policy is enacted, enforced and reviewed.

Environmental Committee

The Queens’ College Environmental Committee consists of Fellows, staff member and student representatives from the JCR and MCR and meets once a term. The committee will monitor progress made towards the aims of our environmental policy and continally review the measures of the plan, ensuring that our efforts are working and considering other actions that could be taken to accelerate progress.

Additional initiatives

There are a number of other initiatives in College towards the main aims of the policy, including:

  • Dedicated officers on both the MCR and JCR, with teams formed of members across both student bodies
  • Our students are involved in the Green Impact Challenge - a university-wide challenge - on behalf of Queens'
  • A dedicated Queens' Nature and Environmental Society, to gather enthusiasm and support for student-led initiatives in the College