Munro Studentships

Munro Studentships 2014
(Awarded to Research Students only)
Below are listed the terms and conditions of a Munro Studentship.  Should you wish to be considered please speak to the Director of Studies for whom you supervise.  Applications, consisting of a covering letter and CV, must reach the relevant Director of Studies by Friday, 18 April 2014
Munro Studentships
1.   The primary purpose of the Munro Studentships is to meet the teaching needs of the College.  The key selection criterion is Queens' teaching (both the applicant's own past record of such teaching and the future teaching needs of the College).
2.   The Studentships are open only to members of Queens' College of high academic standard and may be awarded in any subject.
3.   There shall normally be four Munro Studentships held at any one time.
4.   A Munro Student shall normally be appointed for one year, that year being their third year of research.
5.   Each Munro Student shall be entitled to a room in College or in College-owned accommodation (such as Owlstone Croft or a College house) subject to availability.  They shall make the normal payments for any accommodation occupied, including "Kitchen Fixed Charge" and "Central Heating Charge" whenever applicable.  Their College Bill shall be credited with an annual award amounting to the equivalent of three times the termly "average room rent for a single study bedroom" (all terms as defined in the current 'Schedule of Fees and Charges to Members').  They shall be entitled to dine at High Table in Hall once a week in Full Term and during the Long Vacation Period of Residence, such dinners to be at College expense. 
6.   A Munro Student shall be required to teach for the College, such teaching to be remunerated at the usual rates for supervisions.