JRFs, Munro Studentships, QPDRAs & PDRAs

Junior Research Fellowships (JRF)

Junior Research fellowships are designed for people who are starting their research career having just finished their PhD.  Appointments are fixed at three years.   The college generally appoints two JRFs a year starting from the 1st of October.   Please see the vacancies page for more information about applying.

Munro Studentships

Munro students are PhD students at Queens who have made a supervising commitment to the college.  The college normally appoints four Munro students each year and each may be in any subject.  Appointments are usually made to students in their third year of research and are for one year.  Munro students get a discount on their college accommodation and are given rights to dine at High Table once per week at the college's expense.

Postdoctoral Research Associates (PDRAs)

Postdoctoral research associates are members of the SCR and are given rights to dine at High Table.  The position is open to postdoctoral researchers in the University.  We offer two classes of membership

  • Queens' Postdoctoral Research Associates (QPDRAs) are available for members of Queens' College.  Remember that all students at Queens' are members of the college for life.
  • Postdoctoral Research Associates (PDRAs) are available to members of the University with no existing college affiliation.

We are currently recruiting for:

PDRAs for 2017/18

Q-PDRAs for 2017/18