Formal Hall Menu

Formal Hall menu for week commencing 12th June 2017

Goats Cheese, Pear & Walnut Salad(Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts)
Grilled fillet of haddock topped with Welsh rarebit(Fish, Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Mustard)
Veg: Courgette, Sunblushed Tomato Pesto Parmesan Tart(Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Tree Nuts)
Herb Mash(Milk)
Wilted Spinach(Milk)
Chocolate Torte(Soya, Sulphites, Milk, Eggs, May contain Tree Nuts/Peanuts)
No Meal 
Ceviche of Salmon with Guacamole (Fish, Soya, Sesame, Wheat)
Oven Baked Coley 
Veg: Sweet Potato, Spinach and Butternut Squash Curry, Pilau Rice (Mustard, May contain Tree nuts, May contain Peanuts)
Parmentier Potatoes (Milk, Wheat)
Green Beans (Milk)
Fruits of the Forest Eaton Mess (May contain Wheat, Milk, Eggs)
Prawn, Avocado & Crab Tian, Marinated cucumber salad(Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Sulphites, Mustard, Crustaceans)
Lemon Pepper Chicken(Sulphites, Mustard)
Veg: Marinated Char Grilled Tofu, Mushroom Pearl barley risotto, green bean + scallons(Milk, Soya, Sulphites, Celery)
Pilaf Rice(Milk)
Green beans
Chocolate Profiteroles(Milk, Wheat, Eggs)