General Funds & the Endowment

General Funds & the Endowment Including the Queens' Estate
We receive no direct Government funding either for the work that we do or towards our contribution in ensuring the place of collegiate Cambridge in the UK and world rankings. The successful Q550 Campaign, which raised £5.5 million, closed in 2002.  Although Queens' is no longer as poor as it was it remains one of the poorer Undergraduate Colleges and in the bottom quarter of the College financial rankings. The College Endowment of £54.9 million (2011) is currently the main source of funds for student teaching and supervisions which cost the College some £1.6 million pa, approximately £2,000 pa for each Undergraduate Student. Library facilities are an additional expenditure. Queens’ generates revenue from Fundraising, Visitor Facilities and Catering and Conferences.  To supplement this income we aim to increase the College free Endowment by £7.5 million over the next ten years.

The unique and beautiful setting of Queens’ is part of the exceptional student experience that we deliver. Maintaining the Queens’ Estate is an important College priority and £200,000 pa is required for Historic Building maintenance and restoration. The responsibility of conservation, upgrading and compliance with official regulations is enormous and involves major expense.  Examples are the replacement of the Chapel Roof (£136,000), refurbishment of the roof and stonework of the Friars’ Building (£400,000) and the upgrading of the Dokett Building, which it is estimated will cost £2 million.